March 8, 2011

Bright Ideas

Who doesn't want their event to be as memorable and amazing as possible?  A good way to add that extra flair to your event is to include L.E.D Lighting.  L.E.D lights give you almost endless options when the sun goes down.  They allow you to set the mood with that perfect color, fade in-and-out of a scheme of colors, or turn your event into a techno dance party (but who wants to bring the club home?).  Whatever you choose, L.E.D. lighting is what you need to make your ordinary event extraordinary.  Here a few examples  of L.E.D. lighting packages.

Blue Ridge Light Forms provided the A/V equipment needed
to make Randolph-Macon's Homecoming a definite success
Custom center pole covers and Chinese lanterns provide
an exciting environment for a memorable wedding

Who doesn't want a lighted bar at their event?
Randolph-Macon went with yellow for obvious reasons 

The lights can be programed to
accent your theme color 

L.E.D Lighting and Chinese lanterns for a wedding
The night sky matching the L.E.D lighting

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