February 25, 2011

Commonwealth Event "1" - Mother Nature "0"

This always means it's going to be a "fun day" for tenting

With all the different jobs we do throughout the year, we have seen and worked in every type of weather possible. We have survived blizzards, severe thunderstorms, driving rain and lightning. Today at VCU, it seemed that "Mother Nature" still thought she could phase us.  Despite her best efforts of early morning rain followed by ferocious winds in the afternoon, we were able to set-up a 40x75 E-Span at VCU Student Commons in Richmond.  Here are some pictures of the battle.

Check out the wind!!

I know it may just look like a brick sidewalk, but we had
find a way to drive stakes to anchor the legs

After we removed enough bricks for the baseplates, we had
to dig a hole to find the "forgotten" solid ground
and make a level surface
We began to lay out and connect all the legs after we had
all the baseplates secured into the ground.  (I think this is
why Mother Nature threw the book at us!) 

Laying out the rest of the frame

She gave up on rain....BRING ON THE WIND!

Once all the pieces are out, we began bolting the E-Span together

The E-Span begins to take shape!

The tops have keeder along the sides that are fed through
a channel groove in the frame to provide a perfect fit 

All that is left for the 40x75 is the sidewall 

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