May 3, 2011

Virginia Gold Cup 2011, The Final Touches

You know it's time for Gold Cup when it looks like this outside
After nearly 2 weeks of work, over 170 tents, nearly 900 sections of picket fencing, and seemingly miles of post and chain; we are at Great Meadow today putting the finishing touches up for the 2011 Virginia Gold Cup.  Always one of our biggest jobs of the year, the Gold Cup Races require several months of planning and preparation to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. 

Here are some more set-up pictures taken throughout the week, courtesy of Virginia Gold Cup and their team.
20x20 Rail Tents along the North Rail
You can really get a good idea of the size of this year's Race

The Man...The Myth...The Legend
Brandon has been heading up the installation for several years 
But there is still one man who knows this
job better.

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