August 10, 2011

New Clearspan Weighting System

When it comes to structure tents and anchoring size matters.  Smaller tents, in the 10' to 40' width can easily be staked or anchored with water barrels.  This is a different story however when dealing with larger, engineered tents.  When designing these behemoth structures, engineers become weary at the thought of putting their name on a tent that isn’t staked into the ground.  It takes a masterfully planned and structurally sound weighting system to ease their nerves.  Such sophisticated weighting systems that are built and designed by engineers are few and far between...

Until Now!

We have recently designed and manufactured an anchoring system that meets and exceeds the industry standards for securing large clearspan structures.  Once the weights are completed, we will be able to safely anchor our 60'-100' wide structure tents.  The 3'x3'x2' concrete anchors weigh in at 2,500 lbs a piece. These will be stacked up to three high per weighted leg to ensure that the tent stays exactly where we put it.  Here are a few pictures and a quick video of the construction project going on out back in our warehouse. 

The rebar anchor inside the concrete forms

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