December 4, 2012

Good-Bye Turkey Coma

Right when I thought I was getting over my Turkey Coma, I have fallen into a Christmas stupor. The heavy eating of one day has turned into one month of chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies with EXTRA icing, chewy Noels, pistachio Christmas ribbon bars, and the endless eggnog. Just thinking about it makes me crave more…

No shame in this game. Everyone is much happier. The Christmas music has been playing nonstop, we have already received a few Christmas cards; there is no doubt the spirit is spread throughout Commonwealth Event Company :)
Steve attended the Williamsburg’s Grand Illumination with Holiday cheers, Phyllis enjoyed the Bethlehem walk, and Melissa cut down the family Christmas tree, decorated the house, and began the baking.

What do you have planned during the holidays?

Despite this recent warm weather… cold weather is just around the corner.
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