June 27, 2013

Why Try to Beat the Heat Inside, When You can Wallow in it?

In the most enjoyable way!

Join  Richmond Sports Backers for the Henricus Dauber Dash!

Run, climb and crawl through a series of obstacles while escaping the heat and wallowing in the mud.  All the while you can take in the sites of this outdoor living history museum and the Dutch Gap Conservation area.

With obstacle names like The Wattle Wall, Mt. Malady's climb and Graveyard Crawl, how can this be anything but fun (and challenging)? I imagine this could be just as much fun for the spectators!

If you have kids to bring along, there is a 1-mile Mud Guppies Kids Run for children ages 8- 14.  

Richmond.com lays it all out in this article.  

Map of the course:

Registration is open until tonight at 11:59pm.  
Walk up registration may still be available the day of the event.

We have many festivals and sporting events coming up.  Stay tuned...

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