July 25, 2013

Richmond, Are you Ready for some Football?!

Finally, after much anticipation the day has finally arrived....

Open Day is here and it really has turned out to be the perfect day.  After just a little bit of rain over night and in the morning, the skies have cleared and it has become the coolest and least humid day that we have had in several weeks.  Check out this photo from the Richmond Times-Dispatch Redskins blog of the fans enjoying the festivities and the cooler weather. 

We don't have to wonder how excited some Richmonders are, there were crowds forming at 3:30 am this morning and according to this Diane Portee was first in line at 1:30 am.  That is dedication!

We have our own tent at camp and our very own Kim DeHart (who is a HUGE Skins fan) decorated it.  She claims she is not finished.  If there was an award for the most team spirit I think Kim would win it.
  This how our tent looked this morning, but Kim is thinking of adding more decorations.

Finally, we at Commonwealth Event Company are certainly not the only ones who are suffering basking in Redskins fever.  Look at what Kim spotted at the McDonald's on Broad 
(next to the CMOR):

We are happy to create a parking spot here in our lot, RGIII!

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