October 9, 2013


Introducing Mrs. Kim

 “Red” as we call her in the office is the complete Jack of all trades. Her favorites include The color Green, Seafood, and the Colts is her team. When she’s not at work, Kim enjoys hiking, camping, canoeing, crafts, and MMA Bowling. And she is a HUGE fan of Halloween. After being in this industry for 13 years, Kim sure has a lot of advice and knowledge for just about anything you need to know. Kim is a clean slate, “ I am what you see.”

Kim came to Commonwealth Event Company as a fresh mind with fresh ideas. Her best idea? The Linen Showroom!

Kim also in charge of keeping all of our Linens in perfect shape... Need help with that?

We can help you!!!

 Kim we love you here at Commonwealth Events, Thank you for all that you do !! 

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